september 26th opening

September 25, 2009


California - Sold


Newport - Sold

Suzie Skugstad Art

Silver Moon - Sold


Smile - Sold

Big Chill

Big Chill - Sold

15 cents

Hugs & Kisses - Sold


Wetlands - Sold


Aqua - Sold


Seventeen - Sold

Over the Fence

Over the Fence - Sold

Layers #1

Layers #1 - Sold


20 Circles - Not for Sale


Vibrations - Sold

15 cents

15 cents - Sold

4 Responses to “september 26th opening”

  1. Ellen Lane Says:

    Love your work. Next time you have a show let Suzanne get in touch with me before you sell everything. Are these oils, water colors acrylics or what. I still have some wall space in century city. My favorites are wetlands and big chill. Ellen

  2. unaccomplishedangler Says:

    Really nice work, Susie. I love your stuff!

  3. Emily Zell Says:

    Wow, Suzy. Your work is inspiring! I love it all. Let me know when you have another show. I guess I am on your mailing list now!

  4. John Ringer Says:

    I love to see your works aborning with your fingers still sticky with glue. Your creations suggest a mind as flighty as a butterfly and equally as colorful and beautiful.

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