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August 23, 2010

October 2010 Show Preview

Morning Tea (20x16) $350 SOLD

On the Edge of Something (24x48) $1,175 SOLD

Day to Night (40x30) $875

Out at Midnight (48x36) Artist's Choice $1,900

Split Horizon (22x28) $575 SOLD

It Comes in Waves (48x24) $1,100

Sky Above (Triptych - 18x22.5) $475 SOLD

Arizona Time (36x12) $475 SOLD

Out of the Blue (18x18) $470 SOLD

the following pieces all sold at show

Dream Ride (36x24) $1,100 SOLD
All proceeds donated to the MS Society "Waves to Wine" bicycle ride

Points in Time (36x18) $825 SOLD

Sea of Green (20x20) $560 SOLD

Snow on Tracks (16x20) $475 SOLD

Tangerine Trees (10×30) $425 SOLD

Channeling Vincent (16x12) $225 SOLD

Harvest Moon (10x10) $210 SOLD

Rain Again (8x8) $185 SOLD

Tweeter (8x8) $165 SOLD

Twins (8x8) $175 SOLD

Halos (36x48) $2000 SOLD

Night Lights (24x30) $475 SOLD

Cacao #1 (12x12 unframed) $325 SOLD

Cacao #2 (12x12 unframed) $325 SOLD

Trois Fois (36x18) $850 SOLD

For more information my work, please email me.

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