my show – this saturday – october 8th

September 17, 2011

click on pieces below for a close up view

Waking Pond (12x12) SOLD


Day-Oh! (10x10) SOLD


At the Cape (12x12) SOLD


Wildwood School Mural


Blue Bells (24x36) SOLD


Into White (14x17) SOLD


Meet the Brand New Day (48x36) SOLD


Morning Tea Revisited (20x16) SOLD


Nodding (30x30) SOLD


Verde (30x30) SOLD


In the Dark (20x20) SOLD


Fleurs Jolies (18x24) SOLD


Nesting (12x12) SOLD


Looks Like Rain (Little Warbler) (10x10) SOLD


Night Dance (10x10) SOLD


Lily Whites (10x10) SOLD


Desert Rising (24x24) SOLD


Flying (12x12) SOLD


Dark Out (12x12) SOLD


Over Yellow (12x12) SOLD


Roundabout (20x16) SOLD


Sun Up (10x10) SOLD


Sunflower Bowl SOLD


Fire and Rain (10x10) SOLD


Fleurs Jolies, Study (10x10) SOLD

One Response to “my show – this saturday – october 8th”

  1. Kathleen C Fab!! cant wait! Says:

    Great collection Suzie

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