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My show on October 20th

October 11, 2012

new work

March 7, 2012

Alone on a Hill (8x8 each) SOLD

Colors in Light (10x10) SOLD

Sky Whispering (20x20) Donated to Tri-School Auction 2012-PUSD

my show – this saturday – october 8th

September 17, 2011

click on pieces below for a close up view

Waking Pond (12x12) SOLD


Day-Oh! (10x10) SOLD


At the Cape (12x12) SOLD


Wildwood School Mural


Blue Bells (24x36) SOLD


Into White (14x17) SOLD


Meet the Brand New Day (48x36) SOLD


Morning Tea Revisited (20x16) SOLD


Nodding (30x30) SOLD


Verde (30x30) SOLD


In the Dark (20x20) SOLD


Fleurs Jolies (18x24) SOLD


Nesting (12x12) SOLD


Looks Like Rain (Little Warbler) (10x10) SOLD


Night Dance (10x10) SOLD


Lily Whites (10x10) SOLD


Desert Rising (24x24) SOLD


Flying (12x12) SOLD


Dark Out (12x12) SOLD


Over Yellow (12x12) SOLD


Roundabout (20x16) SOLD


Sun Up (10x10) SOLD


Sunflower Bowl SOLD


Fire and Rain (10x10) SOLD


Fleurs Jolies, Study (10x10) SOLD

show preview

August 23, 2010

October 2010 Show Preview

Morning Tea (20x16) $350 SOLD

On the Edge of Something (24x48) $1,175 SOLD

Day to Night (40x30) $875

Out at Midnight (48x36) Artist's Choice $1,900

Split Horizon (22x28) $575 SOLD

It Comes in Waves (48x24) $1,100

Sky Above (Triptych - 18x22.5) $475 SOLD

Arizona Time (36x12) $475 SOLD

Out of the Blue (18x18) $470 SOLD

the following pieces all sold at show

Dream Ride (36x24) $1,100 SOLD
All proceeds donated to the MS Society "Waves to Wine" bicycle ride

Points in Time (36x18) $825 SOLD

Sea of Green (20x20) $560 SOLD

Snow on Tracks (16x20) $475 SOLD

Tangerine Trees (10×30) $425 SOLD

Channeling Vincent (16x12) $225 SOLD

Harvest Moon (10x10) $210 SOLD

Rain Again (8x8) $185 SOLD

Tweeter (8x8) $165 SOLD

Twins (8x8) $175 SOLD

Halos (36x48) $2000 SOLD

Night Lights (24x30) $475 SOLD

Cacao #1 (12x12 unframed) $325 SOLD

Cacao #2 (12x12 unframed) $325 SOLD

Trois Fois (36x18) $850 SOLD

For more information my work, please email me.