I grew up loving art, making crafts, and playing with color. After receiving my BFA in graphic design at the University of Washington in Seattle in 1986, I moved with my husband to the Bay Area and worked in the field of graphic design until 2001. When the need for an art teacher came up at our local elementary school, I took a chance and tried it out. While teaching explorations with materials, textures, and paints I became inspired by the beautiful student art and had to try it myself. My art evolved from my original obsession with circles in a grid to Van Gogh-esque, and now 5 years into it, I love to paint and try whatever seems fun at the time.

Thanks for visiting my site.
Suzie Skugstad

11 Responses to “bio”

  1. Susan Wilhelm Says:


    I really love all your work. The flowers at the fence and flowers at dusk were my very favorite. Any one of them I would be very happy with. Are you going to create more? Would you let me buy one if you do? Thanks for sharing
    Susan Wilhelm

  2. samia Says:

    I’m sorry about that last comment. Alina was typing nonsense into the computer and then sent it while i was trying to delete it. We both love your art! I like “Smile”, and Alina likes “Aqua”. They are so cool! Wishing you our best!

  3. Jill McCleary Says:

    Suzie – these are SO BEAUTIFUL.

    The site looks wonderful and shows off the work very nicely (and I’m sure that they are so much more gorgeous in person)

    Congratulations! Jill

  4. Jon Says:

    Love the new stuff. Seems that you don’t ever run out of steam!!!!

  5. louis schump Says:

    jennifer wammack sent me the information about your show the 2nd of october – wanted to let you know that your friends are looking out for you and that, unfortunately, we will not be able to attend – congratulations! louis

  6. Linda Elaine Skugstad Says:

    I was browsing the internet and came upon your name. Love your artwork by the way. My name is Linda Skugstad. Is Skugstad your maiden name? It is mine, and is quite unusual. My parents came from Norway and we lived in Broadview area of Seattle, Washington where I was raised. I think my parents met your parents a long time ago in Seattle. In 1970 we moved back to Norway, Stavanger area and I lived there for a few years. Long story, as know I am back in Seattle. I also love to paint. I do watercolor. A small world now with the internet. Happy painting Suzie.

    • suzieartgirl Says:

      Hi Linda! So great to hear from you. Skugstad is my husband’s family. His parents are from Norway. I have lots to say…send me an email by clicking on “email me”. Thanks! Suzie

  7. Thad Beier Says:

    Great to meet you Suzie!

    Can’t wait to see this art in something bigger than my iPhone ;). But I had to check it out immediately!

  8. Suzie! Love viewing your work, I can’t wait to see some in person – it was so great to have you in Mexico this year! Thank you for your hard work!

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